Monday, September 22, 2008

Wardrobe musings

I theorize that there are two type of people in the clothing world - brown and black. Nothing to do with melanin, everything to do with your taste in clothing.
I hate brown. My hair is brown, and believe me, it's not because I picked the color. And I don't wear khakis, or suede, or patterns with brown in them, because in my mind, brown goes with two things - white (hello, spilled coffee!) and more brown.
Some people wear a LOT of brown. Their "basics" are khaki, with brown shoes, hemp-string jewelry, and brown leather purses. If they encounter a design of slacks they really like, they'll make sure to grab a pair in khaki, because it will go with most of what's hanging in their closet.
I am not one of these people.
Every BASIC pair of shoes I own is black. When I think basic, I think black. I have an assortment of black t-shirts, tank tops, and blouses. I have black pants and black skirts. If it's slightly goth but could be dressed up nicely, I'll buy it. My accent colors are anything bright that goes well with BLACK. More than one very nice outfit has been gleaned in part from Hot Topic's clearance rack, and you'd never know it.
But slowly, surely, my tastes are being expanded. First, I was given a dress that fits perfectly, but is cappuchino with white polka dots. It's been hanging in my closet for a little over two years, and has never been worn because I have no shoes to go with it. I have no white shoes! Then, last week, in a bid to compile complementary outfits for a "mommy and me" picture with Kittyboy (he has a cream suit, very 70s looking), I found a pair of clogs, brown soles and white uppers. Comfy, cute but with what will I wear them? Oh well, I'll figure out something. Not the cappuchino-polka-dot dress, that really needs white heels, but something.
Then today, I picked up a pair of jeans from a fellow Freecycler. When I think of jeans, I think of denim. These are KHAKIS. But, they have pretty embroidery on the pockets, they're nice-looking and cute, and they do fit perfectly. And OOH! I have these cute brown and white clogs to go with them...
The lady who gave me the khakis also gave me some belts that are not what I would usually consider in a store, but for free, I'll certainly find something to go with them. One is BROWN, with a lovely silver flower-shaped buckle.
It just feels so weird to be wearing shades of brown. But I suppose inspiration strikes in unexpected places! And when it's thrift-store or free, I guess I can afford to experiment!
The current plan for "Mommy and Me" is Kittyboy in his suit, me in clogs and embroidered khakies and a cute WHITE blouse. Still need the cute white blouse. And while I'm at it, maybe one pair of strappy white heels for the cappuchino-polka-dot dress.

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