Wednesday, January 12, 2011

second try

Okay, I like how Bloggeroid worked, but the way it told me to do bold and italic didn't work. Blogger-droid doesn't have any instructions with it, so trying basic HTML I remember from college...
bold italic
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Trying out second app

Trying out second app for blogging (Bloggeroid). Assuming the HTML does make the above words bold and italic, I may prefer this to Android Blogger.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Testing, 1 2 3 ...

Trying out Blogger-droid, an Android blogging program. Husband has me test-driving an older-model Android phone, in search of the perfect PDA, because if we ever get internet at our house, I will ditch the data plan for a basic bar phone again, but still be addicted to all the PDA functions, and Husband the droid nut thinks this is the one for me. So far, the HTC Dream and I are getting along tolerably well, just trying out the blogging apps...
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