Sunday, September 28, 2008

more signing fun

Kittyboy has now added bird and baby to his vocabulary. Apparently the best strategy for getting him to sign is to just sign anything we can think of, willy-nilly, and he'll pick up SOMETHING. Added to his farm is a chicken, and a horse. Chicken is bird, and horse is the next one I'll start doing regularly. Have to get horse right, since he kept telling me this morning in church that St. George is riding a doggie. Everything with ears and four legs now falls into the category of kitty or doggie, most often doggie (although he told me that Spot the Target dog is a kitty - who knew!).
There was a baby behind us in church, and he kept pointing at it, "mming" and signing baby. That was cute.
And I've created a monster, what with pointing out "Look, there's Daddy! See Daddy?" every time Husband appears during the service. As an acolyte, Husband pops in and out regularly, and before Kittyboy started saying Daddy, I kept pointing out Daddy every time he appeared. So now, every time he sees Daddy during church, he SAYS, "Ndad-ndy! Ndad-ndy! Ndad-ndy! Ndad-ndy!" and gets loud about it. I kept whispering, "Yes, and Daddy says SHH. Daddy says we're being quiet and listening now. Daddy says you need to learn how to whisper."

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