Monday, September 15, 2008

A big-boy bed!

As I write, Kittyboy is sleeping peacefully in a real bed. We didn't find any used toddler beds in thrift shops, they're highly sought-after items on Freecycle, so for about the price of a cheap new one, we got a day-bed at Salvation Army. It's close enough to twin-size that we can use twin sheets on it, and he can sleep on it well into gradeschool.
He picked it out himself, completely ignoring the ugly brown upholstery to scramble up and bounce while patting the mattress. We took him off and put him next to a different twin bed, and he ran back to the daybed and sat on it with a huge toothy grin. He had chosen!
It still knocks my socks off that he falls asleep semi-autonomously. So imagine how flabbergasted I am that we can tuck the sheet around him, put his weighted blanket over him and Rocky on the pillow next to him, and with occasional fussing, he GOES TO SLEEP, in a bed that isn't even keeping him there. It just blows my mind. A year ago I was dreading the day he'd outgrow his baby swing, because he never, ever slept without motion. He slept in the swing or the carseat with someone's food rocking it, nowhere else. Never. And that wasn't for lack of trying, it was just the only thing that worked. Even a rocking chair wouldn't put him to sleep (and what mommy can't rock her baby to sleep?).
And now he's in a real bed. I tuck him in under real sheets and everything. I'm so happy I'm crying.
God is so good!

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donald423 said...

I would've been so happy I'd've cried if Kaleigh had ever done that!!!!!

Glad it's working out for you folks!