Wednesday, September 24, 2008

My humorless little brother

The youngest of my siblings, here named SCROOGE, claims that it is bizarre and wrong to call our odd and unique child Kittyboy.
1. Read the Skippy Jon Jones books. You will note the main character, a male Siamese kitten "little boy", is referred to as "the kittyboy".
2. Kittyboy likes dangly stringy things.
3. He is very funnily perplexed by laser pointers. He pokes at the little red dots.
4. Most incriminatingly, he learned a habit from our male cat, Magic, with whom he was at one time obsessed (and the cat similarly smitten with him). Magic thumps his head on things affectionately. Used to knock Kittyboy over doing that, when the boy was first learning to sit! And for a brief time, so did Kittyboy - he would bounce up to us in his doorway jumper and rub his forehead on us. Sooo cute. And soooo cat.
So, Kittyboy he is!

Hey Scrooge - nyah nyah nyahnyah nyah! :P

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