Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Kittyboy finds a cricket!

Last night at Bible study, the toddler kept me on my toes as usual. Taking along both our babygates did help, but unfortunately is not the whole solution. Even if he can't open cupboard doors entirely, he can still bang them. Lovely noise!
Anyhow, at one point he began jumping and squealing very happily. He had found a cricket! And it was a BIG lovely cricket, we're talking grasshopper size. And it was alive! And oooh, it made skittery sounds and chirped and jumped and was just wonderful. Kittyboy wanted to PET that wonderful jumpy thing! And it didn't want to be petted, and so it jumped more! And that was even more exciting!
I did rescue it from him, it did not meet the fate of most crickets who meet cats, OR small children, for that matter. But it did provide a lot of excitement!

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