Thursday, September 25, 2008

Line-drying clothes - in winter!

Did you know that hanging on a clothesline removes that mildewy smell of laundry forgotten in the washer for a day or so? It does!
What just came off the line was my third load of the day. My clothesline was my Mother's Day gift this year. I'd been begging and begging for one, and it made my summer.
I was reading today online that it's not unheard of for neighborhood associations to ban clotheslines. Not restrict them to backyards, just ban them outright. (My uncle in Colorado had to sign a covenant promising to water his yard - Colorado is MOSTLY DESERT. So - yeah. And I'm sure that those running his neighborhood association are newly perplexed, every year, when they encounter mandated water rationing and fireworks on the 4th of July are forbidden. "What? Again this year? Gee, there was enough water for my Bermuda this spring, I can't imagine what's wrong with the water supply NOW...")
Anyhow, a woman commenting on the blog said that when she was growing up, the dryer only ran when it was below freezing. If there was a sun and it was 33 degrees, they hung their laundry. And it kinda makes sense when you consider that dryness in the air is a problem in winter - if the air is dry, the clothes will also dry faster. Just ask anyone who's hung out laundry with 70% humidity - doesn't matter how bright the sun is, drying will take forever. So it stands to reason that although you might only hang a load a day in winter (shorter daylight hours, sunlight less direct), it would still work. I think I'll try it!

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