Sunday, September 21, 2008

Kittyboy finds a CAVE!

Since our son is a morning person and we are not, we bring him back to our bed every morning when he wakes up, just to grab a few more minutes horizontal. When he first came home from the hospital, he was all soft and cuddly and would lay very sweetly on top of one of us, like a warm teddy bear. It wasn't long at all (a couple months?) that he decided laying still was boring and became all elbows and knees. By now, he's gotten a little dangerous. We spend most of the time saying, "Ow!" and moving.
But hey, it gets us out of bed faster!
This morning, he discovered that a magical, unexplored realm appears when you lift up the covers. Blankets - they're not just for peekaboo anymore! He had a CAVE! It was a lovely cave, too, all soft and cozy and dark, and after a while he didn't want to come out! There was a little boy-shaped lump sitting up in the middle of our bed, bouncing and "mm!"ing. It was hysterical. We threw back the covers and he was sitting there waving and smiling, then he turned around, grabbed the blankets, and pulled them back over his head. Back to the KatCave!

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