Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Evals for the IFSP

IFSP is coming up next month. I think that stands for Individual Family Service Plan, it's the meeting where we discuss what therapies Kittyboy requires from Early Intervention. We have these every six months. At the last one, we gained OT. And wheeew, I think this time we'll be LOSING therapists. PT and DT did their evaluations today, and when I asked Janna the PT if we'd be seeing her two weeks from today, she said only if he still qualified for PT after she scores his test. I kind of doubt it, honestly, because he may be a touch "behind" still, but no longer anywhere near the 30% delay required to qualify. No where near. We've had Janna since Kittyboy came home, and it would be so weird to lose her. But so cool to no longer qualify for every therapy on the face of the planet. We might lose Rhonda DT too, but of that I'm not so sure, because a lot of things she asked Kittyboy to do, he didn't do. That's not necessarily because he CAN'T, it's because of what she called his 45-second attention span. I don't know how that plays out when it comes to calculating a percentage of delay.
When he came home from the hospital, we had PT, DT, and feeding therapists just about immediately. Feeding, there was no question, because Kittyboy couldn't swallow thin liquids without choking. PT and DT he qualified for based first on prematurity, then because of a head tilt, a general weakness on the left side of his body, and an all-over delay in things like rolling, shaking rattles and whatnot. They're the ones who first thought there was a hearing problem, which lead to proof that he had auditory processing issues (because there was an undeniable "hearing problem" but his ears "heard" perfectly), which lead to Misty the OT, who diagnosed sensory processing problems overall. Once we got OT, everything started falling into place! And now he doesn't NEED Janna PT or Rhonda DT and may no longer even qualify for either. :)
Doesn't mean we won't miss them, very very much. :(

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