Saturday, July 25, 2009

The Spectacle Gremlin Strikes!

This house has a gremlin. It eats my husband's keys, and it HIDES MY GLASSES. And, um, I kinda need those.
Every night, I take off my glasses and put them on the nightstand. Every night. And they're not there. We've opened drawers to see if they fell in, we've looked behind and under the bed, we've looked on Husband's side of the bed, we've looked in the bathroom, no glasses. The Spectacle Gremlin has them.
We WILL find them, if for no other reason than they're in this house, but in the meantime I am wearing my old glasses. I can order NEW glasses on October 30th according to insurance, but we're planning for those to be prescription sunglasses, not conceding this pair to the gremlin.
My eyes are already tired and achey. It's not so much about the prescription (okay, for my left eye it is), it's the lenses themselves. The missing glasses were constructed to compensate for my blasted cataract as much as possible (yes, I have a cataract). These glasses on my face now were bought at Sam's about four years ago, no anti-glare coating, squarish lenses, and yeah, an old prescription in the left one. I drove to fill the gas can for the mower this morning, had the sun visor down and was squinting something awful, thinking, "Oh good heavens the sun's bright today" and then remembered just how much had gone into making my glasses. And what a wonderful change they were when I got them.
So now I'm trying to remember how I LIVED with these old glasses, and I'm remembering it wasn't good. For starters, I had basically stopped driving at night. Couldn't do it. Couldn't see. I hated driving when the sun was out. I have, in comparison to my new glasses, no peripheral vision to speak of. I find myself turning my head to look at stuff I'm pretty sure I should be able to glance at.
That gremlin better return my glasses, and SOON. In the meantime, I need to write on my hand, "NO NIGHT DRIVING!"

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