Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Making clothing - and granola

This picture is not the best, but I made my own skirt and blouse over the course of the last week or so - the blouse, entirely yesterday afternoon.

The skirt started life as a pair of girls jeans. I rarely wear femininely styled jeans, because having grown up wearing skirts, I just cannot get used to the tightness in the, ah, leg area. My favorite jeans are boys jeans, size 18. This one pair of girl's jeans looked nice on me, but were just not comfy to sit in, and furthermore both legs were stained. So I cut them off, just an inch below the zipper in front and the rear pockets in back, bought denim, pinned it in pleats around the bottom of what was left of the jeans, and started sewing. Took me a week to be completely done, what with hemming, and the discovery that a blanket stitch, though it prevents fraying, is not meant for actually bearing weight, and three yards of denim weighs a LOT. So I had to put in a running stitch behind the blanket stitch holding the pleats, and now it's all sturdy.
This skirt was inspired by the fact that both my jean skirts had buttons up the front, which did not bother me until I knelt too quickly in one and heard a ripping sound. Tore the fabric next to the lowest button. Why, in an article of clothing that should be the workhorse of the female wardrobe, would you put in a row of structural weaknesses from top to bottom? This annoyed me, and so I started trying to find jean skirts without buttons, and every one I found looked like a frumpy tent. No waist. Well, now I have one with no buttons, and a very well-defined waist - complete with belt loops and pockets.
The blouse was the easiest thing in the world. I folded in half a rectangle of t-shirt material I'd gotten from the remnant rack at Walmart. I sewed from the bottom up towards the fold, ending about a third to a quarter of the overall distance from the top, leaving it open for arms. I then folded it in half the other way and cut an opening for my head, and stitched (just a plain old running stitch) around the neckline so it won't stretch out. T-shirt material is my new best friend, as it requires no hemming. Whole shirt took maybe an hour.
In none of these adventures did I take a single measurement - and, perhaps because God looks out for idiots, they both turned out great.
I also made granola today - two cups of quick oats, two cups of Total flakes, a cup of applesauce, and every appley spice in the cabinet (cloves, cinnamon, etc). Mixed and baked for half an hour at 350, stirring every few minutes. For a first attempt, it is surprisingly edible. Not bad.
In either of these projects, had I measured, and then had something go wrong, I would have sulked and been mad and given it up for a failure. But, if it's an experiment spur of the moment, there IS no failure, only a lesson for the future if it doesn't work out!

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Mimi said...

Go you! Fantasic Job!