Monday, July 20, 2009

New Skirt

Yes, I'm still sewing!!
I go through these spurts of activity when I do a whole bunch of one thing, obsessively. For a while it was crocheting. Then I discovered knitting looms, and it was that. Then Carey taught me to knit, and I knitted. Now it's clothing - and yes, I have tons of yarn, crochet hooks, knitting looms, and knitting needles floating in my wake. Basically, I just can't be bored.

I absolutely detest this picture. I loathe it. I despise it. I am standing lopsided (I mean, I know one of my shoulders is lower than the other, but surely not THAT low) and I had rolled up my shirt to better show the waist of the skirt and it makes me look lumpy as a result. Ew. So ignore the person IN the skirt.
The skirt, on the other hand, I adore. "Instant dress" remnant from Walmart, meaning the bottom hem was already finished and the top five inches already smocked with elastic. Finished hem, elastic waistline - all I did was sew the ends together last night. I love it.
Maybe I'll have a new wardrobe, by the time I'm out of my sewing phase!


Tena said...

Very nice!

Mimi said...

The skirt is fantastic.

I have been lopsided in photos before too - how does that happen?