Thursday, July 9, 2009

A Party for Kittyboy

We decided to have a party tonight for our big boy! Fish sticks and french fries, his favorites, with ketchup, mustard, and tartar sauce for dipping. How elegant! He preferred his fish sticks in mustard and fries in ketchup and tartar sauce.

And of course, drinking from a big boy mug his Great-Grandma Martha got him! He thought that was cool, a mug like I drink coffee from all day!

And naturally, there was a present involved. And also naturally, the present involved POOH.

And the top of Pooh's head comes off! Not every day you see that! (It's a little plastic mug I found at our local Asian store a while back - he played with it for a day before I put it up on a shelf for fear he'd damage it or lose the "lid").

Drinking from Pooh. Pooh is the new favorite cup now, kind of a hassle since Pooh's head is not a smooth shape and so Kittyboy dribbles a bit when drinking from him - it - the mug thing.
Fish sticks and fries were the only things I could think of that he loves eating, but doesn't usually get. I considered and rejected the idea of giving him peanut butter and honey sandwiches for his special dinner, because he has one of those at least once a day - a favorite, to be sure, but not a TREAT. French fries are a TREAT.
Credits: (my post has credits!)
For the idea of deliberately celebrating a milestone that every child passes (but for him, it took work!), I credit this post by Jennifer Choi on her blog, Can Mom Be Calm.
For the idea of dipping sauces in jar lids, the Repurposeful blog.
The adorable music placemat was a gift from Carey (who will be happy to know he was trying to play the keyboard at the bottom!)
Pooh mug - $0.99 at Little World Mart.

We need to have more parties!

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Mimi said...

Very cool photos! Kittyboy is so adorable.