Tuesday, July 7, 2009


I can't believe I'm writing this. Six days of Kittyboy drinking only from a cup requiring his head to be in a neutral position - and offering him a cup with no lid at least two or three times a day - and this afternoon, I didn't even stress about finding him a lid when he was thirsty. Since Sunday morning, he has taken off. He can drain 2-3 ounces without incident before he asks for a lid. It should come as no surprise that his speech has gotten a little bit clearer, and meals are starting to move a little faster - less stalling while he figures out what to do with the next bite. New muscles are getting exercised, and it is a marvelous thing.
And no cough - his sinuses are acting up, but I've sneezed a lot today, so no doubt it's just something different in bloom.
I'm just in awe. Soooooo cool.
God is so good!!!

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Mimi said...

Whoooot! Good job, Kittyboy!