Friday, November 20, 2009

The Christmas Rush - When Classics Sell Out

This is just way too funny. We were thinking of getting Kittyboy a Mr. Potato Head, and fortuitously, we got a Toys R Us flyer about some sale this weekend, with the Potato Head couple being part of it. Sweet!
There are toys that sell out FAST, and there are toys that don't. We live in an era of digital this and artificial intelligence that, and what sells out usually does something and makes noise. Mr. Potato Head - basic, classic, simple, even requires actual participation from the child (imagine!), and is not in short supply or "limited edition" - should be fine waiting a few hours for Husband to get off work to go get one. Right?
In six and a half hours, there is not a basic Potato Head of either gender left in the store. The other kinds that weren't on sale are still there, but the basic ones are sold out. WOW. Three shelves worth of empty space, Husband said.
Somehow, that gives you hope for the youngest generation. At least a couple hundred are still playing with Mr. Potato Head. That has to count for something.
We got Kittyboy one at Walmart instead, it's not like there's a shortage. I just thought it was funny. And cool.


Pres. Kathy said...

That is funny! Today I was going to Michaels and passed right in front of Toys R Us. I couldn't believe how packed the parking lot was. I guess people are starting Christmas shopping early this year!

Tena said...

I managed to snag one of the last Mr. Potato Heads at our Toys R Us. I even had a $2 off manufacturer coupon so it was only $1.99! Glad you were able to find one at WalMart.