Monday, November 16, 2009

Advent Recipes

As maybe half a dozen people who read my blog know, yesterday started Advent. Advent is the forty-day period of fasting which precedes Christmas - fasting meaning, no meat or dairy. We in this house are not big fans of lentils or rice. In theory, the rest of the year we already don't eat meat or dairy on Wednesdays and Fridays, which was easy when I lived at home and someone else planned the menus. In practice, our family hasn't quite managed that. Now, I could blame our budget for restricting our options, the difficulty of fixing TWO menus (Kittyboy doesn't fast, he's about five years too young) and the fact that I often forget what day it is. But being honest, the main issue is LAZINESS. And the lentil/rice thing.
So this Advent, I have a project. I am posting at least three recipes a week which confirm to the Church's guidelines. Husband and I USED to fast, before I became pregnant and couldn't, then I was pumping milk and couldn't, and it just fell apart from then on. But now I'm going to be a godmother for the second time around! Time to buckle down!
Wish me luck!
Prayers would be great too!


Tena said...

I always sort of wondered what Advent was, I only knew that we had an Advent Calendar when I was growing up. I haven't got a whole lot of advice, but you may be able to make some yummy rice pilaf things using wild rice. My husband hates plain rice but loves wild rice. Maybe some bean-based chili would be good. It might be a good time to embrace traditional Indian cuisine, it's easy to find variety in vegetarian dishes there. Good luck!

Mimi said...

Congratulations on being a Godmother! You will be a blessing!