Saturday, May 23, 2009

This Daredevil Child, Pt. 2

Sir Edmund Hillary, famous for climbing Mt. Everest, probably gave his mother at least one scare from atop some tall piece of furniture while he was yet in diapers. And WHY does one feel compelled to climb the dresser, bookcase, or changing table? "Because it's there, Mommy!" I mean, really, why else?
This afternoon, I entered the nursery in search of my son. I could hear rustly little noises, but could see no Kittyboy. I looked behind the rocking chair, behind the door, no child, and the nursery is NOT big. It's a very small office-space. Kind of the size of a really nice walk-in closet. I could hear him. I couldn't see him. Then I looked UP.
Twice, earlier today, he had brought me books which I would have sworn had been put out of his reach - books awaiting repair for a torn page or cover, or which were beyond his attention span or something. Last time this happened, this daredevil of a child had figured out how to tip his toy box over and use it as a stepping stool to fetch pretty breakables from the top of his bookcase, then got something from the top of his very tall dresser by use of a rocking animal and a couple drawers pulled out. (here's the blog post on that)
This time, he was seated quite comfortably on some folded blankets in a box, on top of another box, on top of the former changing table, next to a shelf at least four feet off the floor, reading a book. His head was above mine. After I caught my breath, I asked him, "How do you think you're getting down from there???" He looked up, grinned, and launched himself in my direction. Every toddler knows, a mommy will always catch.
When Husband came home, we said nonchalantly, "Hey buddy, why don't you go get a book?" and Husband recorded the process on his cell phone. My apologies for picture quality.

Note that the air purifier (thing from which he climbed into the box) is missing from the last two pictures - it fell as his feet left it. And according to Husband, after I left the room, Kittyboy rolled over and slid off backwards - given the length of his body versus the distance from box to floor, it was a free-fall drop of about a foot at least.
Ahh, carefree youth. Nothing surprises me anymore.


Pres. Kathy said...

What a climber! To only be so carefree again.

Mimi said...


faerieeva said...

ooh yes.. sounds like mine! Sounds so much like mine. Part mountaingoat is what I call it: stuborn, eats things that shouldn't be edible, and climbs everything.