Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Could I be....?

Let's start with the fact that I'm not much of a carnivore. And not a breakfast person. Rarely eat before 11, or noon, or sometimes 1 p.m. Coffee is my breakfast. I'm just not hungry. And while I love fried chicken and fish, I'm not that big on steaks, pork chops, burgers, etc. I prefer meat IN something, as an ingredient, rather than just a big chunk on my plate. And I don't necessarily eat much of ANYTHING over the course of the day, because I just forget to unless there's something I want. Lunch in the middle of the afternoon, dinner late at night when Husband gets home. I really don't get HUNGRY-hungry very often.
I think it was Sunday last week I made corned beef for dinner. And because Husband doesn't eat all that much of rich or spicy foods, I ate all the leftovers. I think he might have made a corned beef sandwich later in the week, but other than that and what he ate Sunday, I ate the rest of the three-pound roast. Me, myself and I, because Kittyboy's a quasi-vegetarian. I just kept eating, almost any time I was hungry and Husband wasn't home. Then my mom and sister visited Saturday so I could do my sister's hair for prom, we got fried chicken for lunch, and by Sunday evening I'd eaten all of the leftovers of that. Sunday night we had steaks - and I ate that.
Yesterday I realized that for the last week, I'd been eating meat every time I turned around, and at every mealtime, I'd actually been hungry to eat. Hmmm...... this is profoundly weird for me. Then this morning, half an hour after I got up, I was trying to figure out why I didn't feel good - what was this weird feeling in my stomach? I finally realized it was hunger - not, "breakfast time!" hunger, this was RAVENOUS hunger. I was absolutely starving. I was going to be ill presently if I didn't eat. So at 8:30 this morning, I was eating a baked potato with cheese - a BIG baked potato with cheese. Starch and protein.
I may very well be pregnant again. That's GOT to be it. That, or my metabolism has gotten swapped out for that of someone twice my size. Can't take a test until at least this weekend - not and expect it to be accurate. So now I'm drumming my fingers. And eating. And drumming my fingers some more.


Anonymous said...

Only time will tell, dont you just hate the waiting?! You have a great looking site. I plan to visit more often!

God bless,

Pres. Kathy said...

Your new blog style looks so nice! Keep us posted on what this eating might be!!!! :-)

Caeseria said...

Mrs. Franklin - Yes, I HATE WAITING!!! Especially since my last one was an "adventure" - I want to know NOW, so I can plan the next nine (we hope) months.
Presbytera - I get bored every couple months and change stuff. Glad you like it! I will certainly be posting again...

Mimi said...

Whohooooooooo! Prayers.

I drank orange juice like it was going out of style when I was expecting my oldest.