Friday, May 29, 2009

A Prayer Request - and updates thereto

My grandmother, Sandra Davis, is in ICU after having had a stroke. My parents were called at 11:30 last night and called me at 6 this morning, and it took until now for us to know anything but "in the hospital, had a stroke".
She is in ICU, sedated and on a breathing machine, with blood on the brain. I don't know exactly what that means, but it doesn't sound good*. On the up side, she rested well and her blood pressure is under control.
Unfortunately, the Springfield she's in is five hours from ours. MO, not IL. Five hours, not TOO bad... I did almost tell my husband to call off and we were going for a road trip, but I thought we should wait to hear whether she could even have visitors before driving five hours one way. We don't even know what hospital. I know NICU is very strict about visitors, I'm sure ICU is the same way.
Please pray. I will update as I know more.
* Okay, so I talked to Daddy and apparently blood on the brain is not necessarily a devastating fact, it depends on how much there is and where. There could be only temporary damage - there could be permanent damage (we pray not) - there could still be no damage. We won't know for a while.
UPDATE: As of about half an hour ago (4 p.m. Central), we have official word - "prognosis is poor". The ventilator is not back-up, it is her breathing. She has no reflexive breathing. She has three centimeters of blood on her brain, and prognosis is poor. We will be driving to Missouri tomorrow, God willing, assuming we have the gas money and Husband can wrangle the day off (by begging, borrowing, or stealing, so to speak). I would not drive myself and Kittyboy, no matter how I might want to, because I am a wreck and that is simply not safe. God have mercy.


Pres. Kathy said...

Lots of prayers.

Mimi said...

Oh that's so hard. Hugs and love to you and prayers for your beloved Grandmother.

D. Lollard said...

You are in our thoughts. God bless.

Kyriaki said...

Lord have mercy, Lord have mercy, Lord have mercy!