Friday, May 1, 2009

IFSP news

Developmental re-eval said basically, "Keep doing what you're doing!" Keep Speech, keep OT, keep doing what we're doing. It's aaallll good. He does still need both, but obviously they're making a difference. We knew this, no surprise here.
Speech, he may not qualify in another six months - only a 38% delay!!! It's so weird to see the biggest numbers on a report be "26-38% delay". Like I said, six months ago at the last meeting, the biggest number in the Speech report was 85%. Wow!!! Woohoo!! Wow!!! And our next SLT will have her EI approval in a few weeks.
OT, we are ordering stuff, like a real weighted blanket and an inflatable hugger thing (technical term - it's something we inflate that gives him a "hug", Ginny says he'll love it). The report says that "His sensory needs will need to be continually addressed in a variety of ways over the next few years. Although he has shown great improvements, he continues to need support as he develops." So, what I need to ask is, on what criteria WILL he eventually graduate from OT? I mean, it's great to have people to Tell Us What To Do and what our problems are, and all that, but I guess we ourselves don't have the knowledge or experience to say, "Here's what the problems will be when he's four, here's what the problems will be when he's ten," and so on and so forth. I'm curious now - will he be using a weighted blanket forever? Will he get even weirder than other kids when he hits puberty? I need to start asking specifics....
And I have close to a ream of paper from our coordinator Tammie, also known as a transition packet - transitioning from EI to school district services, which he will do this fall if the school district says he qualifies. Good news, he can go to school just for therapy and be home schooled, for as long as the school district believes his issues affect his ability to learn! And those services would be free from the district, too. IF he needs them.
Fortunately, the ream of paper is all information - we don't have to do anything until sometime in the fall, when Tammie tells us when the meeting withthe school district is. We do have reading material for several evenings, though!

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