Thursday, August 21, 2008


So, the round-up - we're gaining Speech/Language (woohoo!), but I predict losing possibly everyone else except Feeding come November.
We had OT Thursday and the therapist we saw hadn't seen him for about a month (it's a clinic, we're ostensibly under Misty, but actually see Ginny now on a weekly basis and Misty follows up now and then), and this week we saw both, and Misty was amazed at how well he is doing. She asked what our concerns were - and I honestly couldn't think of anything. I guess I hadn't noticed so much because we see him on a daily basis, but gee, he looks exactly like a normal 1 1/2 year old! His body awareness, sensory integration, all that, are vastly improved, and really, it appears that the activities he's been getting at home are sufficient. He bounces on the trampoline, proprioceptive input - he runs around outside barefoot, so he gets input from different textures and surfaces - he climbs on things, pulls and pushes full laundry baskets and recycling bins, carries and throws his weighted stuff, more proprioception - his home "OT" is probably sufficient for his needs. So there goes one therapy we probably won't need anymore. PT, DT, he's walking so well and catching onto things so much more quickly now that we know what he needs as far as activity, I don't even know that we'll be keeping them after the next IFSP. We may be down to Feeding and Language.
How weird would that be! :) I would miss people!

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