Sunday, August 17, 2008

The Making of a Weighted Critter

Kittyboy now has a "therapeutic" weighted animal! He was having such fun this afternoon throwing his 4.5 pound pillow and carrying it around, I figured now would be a good time to get him a weighted animal for "heavy work". Didn't bother checking prices on those - weighted blankets start at about $50, the cheapest I've found, so I'm assuming anything else weighted would be similarly expensive. May I recommend, Build-A-Bear (or Fluff N Stuff, or other similar stores) and aquarium gravel?
"Rocky" is a 10" tall brown puppy who weighs two ounces shy of five pounds. I wouldn't put him in a washer or dryer, but he's certainly washable in the bucket-and-soap sense. You can buy a critter without stuffing it there, you get an odd look, but they let you.
As of yet, Kittyboy is oddly disinterested. I'm going to make Rocky a colorful collar or something, and in the meantime, he's holding Kittyboy's bottle as he goes to sleep. Maybe they'll bond over naptime.

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