Saturday, August 2, 2008

Across-town Adventure

So we went to the immense all-kinds-of-alcohol store, Friar Tuck's, because I needed a carboy (big glass five-gallon jug) in which to make wine. Yes, I am making wine this year. I hope. Anyhow, we left the house about quarter to ten in the morning, Kittyboy and I, to pick up my friend Carey, who has been making her own miscellaneous-ingredient wine for a while, so she could make sure I get the right things, and pick up some more supplies she needed as well, since she doesn't own a car. We had to stop first at the baby store to get a gift for a baby shower tomorrow, and when we came back out to the car - no key. I had KEYS, my husband's keys, but the ignition key was NOT on the ring. His key ring is loose, the key had slipped off somehow. We scoured the car. We emptied my purse (my purse is the size of most women's wallets, there is NOWHERE for anything to hide in it). We retraced our steps around the car, Carey retraced them back into the store and asked if anyone had turned in a black Honda key while I amused Kittyboy, who was unamused with the heat, lack of a cup, and lack of music, a/c, and locomotion. It was NOWHERE TO BE FOUND. No key. Just like that. I had a car, I just couldn't do a thing with it. And the cellphone was uncharged, at home. I couldn't even call a ride.
I mean, how does this happen???
Fortunately, since Carey has no car, she does have a bus pass. I owe her banana bread. She also had a bus map in her purse and knew exactly the nearest bus stop to get (eventually) to the stop nearest my house. We rode - and rode - and rode - then we walked - and walked - and walked, because the nearest bus stop to my house is a good half mile away (and our route is the most convoluted and circuitous in the entire city, seriously, it is, no kidding). We took turns carrying Kittyboy, unamused but being a trooper. Got to my house. Found my keys. Grabbed the stroller and SPEEDWALKED half a mile back to the bus stop to catch the next bus back to our car, which fortunately was still there (can't even lock it completely without the key!). This was roughly a THREE HOUR excursion to and from somewhere about three miles away.
So an hour after I'd expected to be home with my carboy, we hadn't even gone to Friar Tuck's yet. Next stop was Walmart for multiple copies of my (then the only remaining) car key, then finally the destination which was the point of the whole trip.
I have a carboy. I have yeasts. I have a thingie I don't know what it is, but Carey will tell me because I will be snagging her to look over my shoulder as I am making the wine. There is a thingie I don't know what it is that I still need, of which Friar Tuck's was out, which I will be getting in a couple weeks. And we are all back to our respective houses.
Kittyboy is napping. Life is GOOD.
Hurrah for Carey and mass transit!

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sokaro said...

Hate to say this to you all but the 7S route will be discontinued in August, and the bus company STILL doesn't have the modified route up on its webpage. What do you expect with these guys? Also, they're putting in another night route going out to UIS/LLCC via eleventh street