Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Speech and Language Therapy is COMING!!!!!!

I just have to celebrate, Kittyboy was evaluated this morning for S/L, which is speech/language. His speech/feeding therapist did the eval, and finished it with "Now, I don't want to upset you, but even at his adjusted age [about three months less than actual age], he REALLY qualifies for therapy. I'm going to recommend weekly, because he really needs it!"
What's to get upset about? Hey, when the 19-month-old's biggest VOCAL achievement to date was Mama and Dada a couple weeks ago (he did babble before, it just wasn't specific yet), it's pretty obvious there's a need here! I'm just as excited as all get-out that the need definitely showed up in the testing, so he'll be definitely getting therapy, instead of him magically doing things he never does for us, for the therapist, and then it being only our word that "No, seriously, he DOESN'T TALK."
At least, since he started walking in late April, no one's guessing him to be half his age anymore. People used to, when at 16 months he was babbling as if he were 4-6 months and crawling all over but not taking a step. "Oh, what a precious baby! How old, 8, 9 months old?"
My toddler babbles, for the most part, on only a 4-6 month level! I'm ecstatic! (What a bizarre reason to rejoice!)

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