Friday, August 1, 2008

The Kittyboy

I refer to my son as the Kittyboy based on the main character of the "Skippyjon Jones" series of children's books (you should read them). It seems he will be the sort of child that believes he can, oh, ride his bicycle off the roof, for example. And not only is he that dangerous combination of smart and fearless, he can sometimes show an amazing tolerance for pain, making any possible injury a most exciting guessing game! Not two years old and we've already been to the ER twice and put in many calls to the telenurse line at our doctor's office. I fully expect, by the time he enters school, to have the nurses hear his name and birthdate and sigh, "So what did he do NOW?"
... So anyhow. Kittyboy came early. We theorize that when he was told that a human pregnancy lasts nine months, he was doing a headstand at the time and misunderstood it as six. Or maybe he just couldn't wait!
More Kittyboy stories later. Diaper needs changing now.

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