Friday, February 5, 2010

School starts Monday!

There was a very good reason Miss K wasn't calling me back - it's even better than "I'm sorry, they didn't tell me I had a voice-mail box." There's no phone in her classroom. Yeah, we both had a long and good laugh about that!! Used to be people had phones and no voice-mail; now, we have voice-mail without phones to answer!
Wednesday evening Husband brought in the mail, with lo and behold! a flier for an all-day open house Thursday. We were there bright and chipper at 9:30 that morning, and met Miss K and Mrs. Z, teacher and aide in a very small classroom with a LOT of toys. Kittyboy split his time between some huge toy trucks and a dollhouse roughly two feet tall. Another boy's parents came in a few minutes later, and Kittyboy got to practice sharing. The other boy took all the construction guys out of the other trucks, put them all in the toy school bus, and was giving them a ride around the carpet - with Kittyboy chasing him on all fours, trying to get the guys back to put them back in the trucks. That was a hoot, honestly. This should be interesting.
I like both Miss K and Mrs. Z, nice ladies. Feitshans is a uniform school (ROCK ON!!) and tomorrow I'm going through Kittyboy's wardrobe for all solid-color or striped polos and t-shirts, and khaki or navy pants, to make sure he's got a week's worth of school clothes. I remember being a kindergartener at Visitation (parochial school) and envying the "big girls" in their plaid jumpers. And being soooo happy and proud to be wearing my own blue-and-white plaid jumper and white blouse when I entered first grade.
I don't know how you reconcile being pro-homeschooling and pro-uniforms, but - I am. Totally.
I made myself some bracelets today, big clunky cuff bracelets, using cross-sections of plastic bottles, strips of cloth, and superglue. I'll have to take pictures, I LOVE these. I've been wanting that type of bracelet, but didn't want to pay much for something so quickly in and out of style. So now I can make ones that look however I want for free! I love being crafty!
Potty training, not going so hot. I've come up with a variety of inducements for various milestones - huh. We'll see. Rather discouraged. Ah well - by age five he'll be able to change his own pull-up, so less work for me.

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Anonymous said...

I'm a pro-uniform person, at least for the first few years. By age 14 of so kids forced to wear uniform go a little nuts, but that might be my experience with private school uniform (which is nutso strict and complicated here) talking :P I went to a parochial school for primary (elementary) school and uniform was great. Plaid jumper, grey tights, sky blue shirt, maroon sweater, black laceups in winter, plaid maroon and white dress for summer with sandals, blue white and maroon hairbows. Easy. High school was crazy though, we had ties and blazers and scarves and hats and absolutely no choice in what we wore. Ugh.

Lentcat comes from icanhascheezburger, the big lolcat site, a couple years ago. A coptic girl posted it during the first week of lent and it spread through the Orthodox 'net like wildfire :)