Thursday, March 19, 2009

Good, Grand, Glorious News in the Speech Department

Kittyboy performed so marvelously in his Speech eval this morning, I think we'll probably lose Janna the SLT next month. We may hold onto her for another half-year, but I kind of doubt it. Not only is his expressive vocabulary growing by an average of a word a day, but he said "airplane" this morning! Okay, so it was more like "ay-pay" but it was a two syllable word, the two syllables of which are totally different from each other. It was obvious what he meant, we called the winged vehicle in his hand an airplane and he instantly responded with the word. THAT was amazing.
Janna said he obviously comprehends far, far more than he can express. We already knew this, but she was quite impressed at the extent to which that's true. And having gotten a taste of what communication - gestured or spoken - will get him, he's constantly looking to use it whenever possible. So he's sort of to the point of teaching himself! He's pushing his own boundaries now, of his own accord - eagerly and with gusto!
Ginny the OT, we will most likely have for another six months to practice sitting, completing tasks, and following instructions. Then we'll say goodbye to her too. Unless the school district has a concern they think warrants following, we will be completely sans therapists by November. How weird would THAT be? No one taking notes, evaluating, re-evaluating, checking things, asking questions, saying, "Here's what we're working on next..." Just us and a healthy, normal, scarily bright toddler.
Let's just hope God knows what He's doing, shall we? He's not SUPPOSED to give us more than we can handle. Would it be irreverent to say, I hope He remembers that?


Mimi said...

Whohoooooo! Good job, Kittyboy

Caeseria said...

We're all cheering like mad - last August at the age of 21 months, he was babbling at a 4 month level, now he's a good year's worth closer to his age. It's SUCH a relief!

Pres. Kathy said...

I am so happy to hear the news!