Sunday, November 2, 2008

His First Nosebleed

This morning was an adventure. First, we decided that rather than change our clocks, we would just go to Orthros, the first service, in addition to the Liturgy which is all we've made it to since Kittyboy came home. This WAS on purpose, because Fr. Anthony also (just this week) changed Orthros from 9 to 9:30, and Liturgy from 10 to 10:30, so we figured this was a good time to start going to Orthros again - this morning, our unchanged clocks said we had an extra half hour, and next week we'll be striving to get out the door only half an hour earlier than we have been for the past 9 months or so.
It does mean twice as much sitting quietly for Kittyboy though. That might not have been too much of a problem except that his internal clock had NOT changed, and so half an hour into the Liturgy, he thought it was nap-time, and was very cranky. I had the "bright" idea of taking the cranky (because he was SLEEPY) toddler outside to run around. We should not run when sleepy. We stumble and trip. And the toddler took a dive and a little skid on his nose and upper lip.
It was VERY UNHAPPY. He'd scraped his nose, peeled some skin off his lip, and shortly afterwards got his first ever nosebleed. AND he was bleeding from inside his mouth. VERY UNHAPPY.
I wasted a good bit of time trying to staunch the flow, except that he wanted nothing near his injured nose and mouth. He wanted his head back, I wanted it forward to keep the blood out of his sinuses, throat, etc. Husband and another acolyte came down to find out what was wrong. It was very dramatic, blood all down my sleeve and arm, many bloodied napkins, child screaming. I gave up on cleaning and keeping his head down because it was just making him more upset, and I figured the longer he was worked up, the longer he'd keep bleeding. Amazingly there is no blood on his clothing, or my skirt, only my shirt which was kind of blood-colored to begin with, so it shouldn't show, and we even managed to avoid staining his daddy's robe. We cleaned his face off the rest of the way once he'd been happy for a while and it had all dried. He looks like a boxer now - his nose is red all the way up to the bridge, and his lip is swollen. On our way to our car, Husband could follow our blood-trail to where the fall happened.
Kittyboy, Sidewalk Warrior!


donald423 said...

Poor kid--sounds like that hurt a lot!!

Caeseria said...

And this morning, he looks from a distance as if he has a cleft palate, because of the skin from his lip and a red line from nose to mouth. There was what looked like a clot on the end of his nose, that turned out to be liquid, so if we still have undried blood tomorrow, we'll have him looked at. It's not exactly something we can put a bandaid on, or even ointment really, since he's likely to rub it and put his fingers in his mouth.