Wednesday, November 19, 2008

"EU decides it has better things to do than ban unattractive produce",8599,1859905,00.html?xid=feed-yahoo-healthsci?iid=perma_share
Or at least, that's how the headline SHOULD read. This article is so funny.
I had no idea - did anyone else? - that there are guidelines governing what produce can look like. I just figured the companies growing the food had some special way of regulating how their produce looked - like how apples from the "organic" section might have a bee-sting or two, but you're supposed to wash off ones that AREN'T organic before eating them. I just figured it was one of those trade-offs. I had no idea that in Europe at least, 20% of produce was just thrown away for being funny shaped or the wrong shade of green. Throwing away perfectly good carrots because they grew goofy. That's just beyond me.


Sasha Cook said...

Fisherman also used to throw dead fish overboard because they accidently got the wrong type.

Caeseria said...

Yeah, I'd heard of that too, come to think of it. I thought they just threw back inedible species, though. I mean, what you can't sell is still free food, I would think.
And I certainly didn't realize anyone did that with produce. A friend of mine asked if maybe they thought the imperfect produce was "contaminated", which just made me laugh because he's SUCH a city person. I guess it just goes to show me how few people really DO garden nowadays, that someone would believe there had to be something WRONG with vegetables for them to be shaped funny.