Monday, December 14, 2009

"Para tou einoi"

Sometimes I think we could employ a military code expert in this house - or alternatively, that I am in fact qualified for such a job.
Kittyboy started out the morning requesting "Pana (Para?) too enny" music. We asked again and again, what on EARTH he was talking about, could get no clarification, and getting him to sing it didn't help. Then I thought I had an insight. I was sure I'd heard at least the last two words before, in church. Not "too enny" but "tou einoi" (pronounced eh-ni). Ah HA. At some point in church yesterday, there must have been some hymn in Greek that he really liked, and that was the only phrase he remembered of it - and gosh, now I was REALLY sunk, because he was asking me to sing something in Greek and I didn't know what. (I missed ALL of church yesterday getting ready for coffee hour, so I didn't know what the hymns were that might have caught his interest!). And he was most insistent - "pana tou einoi! para tou einoi!"
Before I could sit down with the toddler and the husband to try and figure out which hymn this was (something about praise, enoi is praise), which I was fully prepared to do, I saw the back of a Veggie Tales video tape box.
"We are the PIRATES who don't DO ANYthing..." Para tou einoi, "pirates - do - any".
You know how the brain reshuffles the unfamiliar so that it makes sense? Kittyboy's English actually made more sense to me as Greek.
I need a vacation.

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Civilla said...

That's cute. My oldest, when he was that age, used to say, "Sing the nee-no song!" "Nee-no" was a contraction of "Little tiny gnome," nee-no!

We NEVER figured out what pan-tin-dey meant, and now that he is 22, we STILL ask him, "What was pan-tin-dey?" and he laughs.

Our younger one would say "nu-ko-bok" whenever the ice cream truck came around. He was trying to say "music box" (we FINALLY figured out), because the ice cream truck played music. We still tease HIM about that, too, plus calling peaches-and-cream oatmeal "cream cheese and movile." What is "movile?" we'd ask. Kids are cute when they are learning to talk!