Monday, October 19, 2009

"The Song Remains The Same" - i.e. therapy is continuing

Therapy continues. Both speech and OT.
Kind of annoyed, but okay with it - should there appear a problem beyond just slow development, it is easier to show and seek treatment for if Kittyboy's already being followed. I can see the logic in keeping after him Just In Case. We could say, "Oh, I'm sure he'll have his pronouns straightened out and be speaking in complete sentences by the time he's, oh, four" but then what happens when he IS four, and still not using a, an, the, is, are, etc? Better that he be already receiving services and have the problem documented over time than have to start again. We know he's very intelligent, and he spends the whole day being spoken to, interacting with people, he loves being read to, but his speech scores are very inconsistent, and they shouldn't be. He should, at coming up on three, be giving a yes or no answer, saying a COMPLETE sentence (as in "The airplane went up in the sky" not "Airplane up sky"), and understandable three-fourths of the time by strangers - without context. He's understandable about fifty percent of the time with no context. If WE don't have context, we often have to play the guessing game. So speech continues - he qualifies because of articulation, but it's a good idea for word order and everything else as well.
And OT - Bree has been mentioning that he trips a lot in Speech, and Ginny's been noticing it too. We are continuing OT primarily to improve body awareness. When he's paying attention, he's a mountain goat, when not, he bounces off of walls (then again, I shouldn't talk, as I attempted to close a car door on my leg this morning - and I wasn't in the car). OT is continuing for sensory issues, basically.
So... huh. Kind of a let down. But not really, just a continuation. Nothing's CHANGED. He's just not all straightened out yet. And hey, he's my kid, he'll be forgetting to eat and closing car doors on his leg when he's 28.

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