Monday, August 10, 2009

Ideas for a 6th anniversary gift for a husband who doesn't know what he wants???

I know what I want, and have sent him several links to such (a Gadsden t-shirt) but Husband is stubbornly, irritatingly, persistently vague in terms of what HE wants. "I don't know." "I don't know." "I don't know."
Well, neither do I.
Ideas? Any and all. He likes computers - I can't afford one and know nothing about them. Would a new keyboard be considered romantic? He likes his iPhone - I call him an iBot. I would buy him a CD he likes, except he would have already bought what he wants through iTunes. I draw the line at any gift with that ridiculous affectatious "i" at the beginning. This poses a problem.
If you're reading this on my blog, suggestions are extremely welcome in the comments section. On Facebook, just send me a message. He can read my notes, but he already knows I'm stumped.


Anonymous said...

go here and have a look:

There might be something (or several things) there - my geeky boyfriend and I love that site, it's just the international shipping is expensive, or we'd buy more from there :)

Caeseria said...

Oh my GOSH, that is the coolest site EVER!!!!! Thank you so very much - I have ideas for Christmas, birthdays, Valentine's Day (a plushy mononucleosis microbe!), and many occasions to come!
And it got the juices going - I remembered a few weeks ago having seen a t-shirt on a guy that I thought he'd like, googled it, and found one even cooler. He's getting a Star Wars t-shirt with Japanese kanji on it. It's Star Wars, it's Japanese, what more could you want from a t-shirt? Now I have to keep my mouth shut until it gets here, which will be harder than finding the shirt in the first place!!!
Soooo happy...... :)

Anonymous said...

Glad I helped :D

I have the common cold microbe, mono, and a petri dish with three "toxic mold" plushies. I love them. I want all of them, and my boyfriend likes buying them :P

My sister and I have a collection of tshirts from there - I have the i <3 my geek one, she has a doctor who one, and we got my dad the schroedingers cat one - he's a quantum physicist, and he lectures periodically at the college near here, generally in advanced stuff - the shirt breaks the ice :)

So pleased that you liked it, I had a hunch it might help :)

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