Wednesday, August 5, 2009

And still dealing with the head injury

Kittyboy was fine all of yesterday, then woke from his nap crying and upset. Worse, pointing to his head and saying, "Me bonk. Me hurt." At a little more than a year old, the boy dove from my arms in a parking lot, landed on his head, and cried for maybe five minutes at the most before deciding he was FINE, so when he's still feeling something 24 hours after the incident, that's when I freak. And freak I did. Back to the ER, trying very hard to stay calm and not panic but feeling QUITE panicked inside. Being the panicky freaking-out mom is a totally new role for me.
Much better time to go to the ER, we were in a room within half an hour of checking in, and had a wonderful nurse who has a daughter the same age as Kittyboy. He said he would be a bit worried too, we could certainly schedule a CAT scan and check things out. First, though, he asked if I'd given Kittyboy any Tylenol for the headache. I said no, every nurse I've ever called because the boy bumped his head has said NO TYLENOL. Well, every nurse at the ER thought that was the silliest advice they'd ever heard. Give the poor baby Tylenol! I suppose a doctor's office, not being an ER, wants to stay on the veryveryveryvery safe side, which is why they say go straight to the ER if he has any headache, and not to give pain reliever so you know if he has one. From the perspective of the ER staff, though, the headache for which THEY would be looking cannot be eliminated with Tylenol. They're not looking for cranky, fussy, Mommy-my-head-hurts. They're looking for crying and crying and crying, which is also ALMOST always accompanied by other symptoms. Crying and projectile vomiting, crying and not walking straight, crying and pupils different sizes, crying and bleeding from ears. Of course his head hurts, he whacked it pretty hard. Give him Tylenol. If the Tylenol works, then the headache is just a headache.
Naturally, fifteen to twenty minutes after getting said pain reliever, Kittyboy reverted to his normal, happy, whirling-dervish self. The nurse came back to say that a trauma case had just arrived and it would be QUITE a wait for a scan, and I pointed at Kittyboy and said, "I really doubt we need one - I feel so silly now!" and he said not to feel silly, he's a trauma nurse and brings HIS daughter in whenever he thinks something's not normal, because when it's Your Kid, you just want to be sure.
So it turned out to be a trip to the ER for something in my own medicine cabinet. Discharge orders said to make a followup app with Dr. Hendricks, and I've got that set for tomorrow, so we're good. He's NOT NAPPING, despite having had Tylenol, but that can also just be him.
Tired of hospital trips, I posted on the SPD (sensory processing dysfunction) Yahoo group the question of how it is the boy climbs things skillfully but can bounce off a bookcase walking down the hall - or turn around and walk right into the corner of the fridge - or trip on the carpet crossing a room. Is it that when he wants something, he focuses and pays attention, but just walking around he doesn't bother? Is it that since most bumps don't bother him in the slightest, he just doesn't feel the need TO bother? Should I have his vision checked? And heard back, reassuringly, from moms whose own kids walk into instead of around things all the time, and one member of the group who grew up with SPD said that he has excellent coordination when he really, really focuses on where his body is in relation to what's around him, but bumps into stuff a lot when he's just relaxed and focusing on other things. If you have sensory processing problems, your brain isn't doing all that automatically, it takes a little more work. So it's exactly what it looks like - when Kittyboy wants something, he focuses and pays attention, but when he's just walking around the house, he's not paying as much attention, and so he trips, walks into stuff, bounces off of stuff, all that. Just like when he started crawling and crawled into chair legs, table legs, the coffee table, walls, etc.
His guardian angel works overtime.


Mimi said...

His Guardian Angel does indeed!

I'm using your comment about the "Pickwick Papers" part of Little Women, if that is ok.

Caeseria said...

Oh sure - I'll have to re-read your blog to remember what I said, hahaha!

Mimi said...

You said you couldn't stand it. I'm just about to post the next set of questions, and I spin off on if it added anything to the story.

I agree with you, by the way.