Monday, February 23, 2009

Cheesefare Week

All convenient meat has been ousted from the freezer, I am pleased to say. Usually Meatfare stretches into Cheesefare from leftovers. Well, okay, I do have half a pound of sausage still in the fridge. THEN we go to our all-meatless menu.
Ordinarily, a family with very young children has two menus during fasting periods. In our case, though, we're trying to implement an adapted vegetarian diet for Kittyboy year round. Not our idea - his. Toddlers usually go through a picky phase, but Kittyboy's is very particular and has lasted since he started eating real food. Fruits, vegetables, starches, eggs, fish, he eats a decent variety. But what he generally refuses as a rule is meat. He'll eat it in small bits in something else, such as on pizza or in pasta sauce. But chicken nuggets (a toddler's mainstay I'm told), hamburgers, pork chops, etc - eh, not worth the fight. Especially since he does love cheese, eggs, fish and peanut butter. So we're looking into dietary guidelines for toddlers planned around NO meat, so that whatever meat he does or doesn't eat, won't matter as far as his overall nutrition. He'll be eating eggs, cheese, and fish throughout Lent - but he typically doesn't eat much meat ANY time of year as it is.
Haven't managed to establish Toddler Prayer Time exactly, but Kittyboy has "his Mary" on a necklace. Wearing it, he stayed in church a good amount of time Sunday, only leaving once before the sermon, so I think that the Mary necklace was a smart move (we don't have to leave to "go find" her). It's a little wooden icon keychain from the Marian Center, taken off the keyring and hung on a leather lace. I am also trying to make myself take time out from whatever I'm doing when he expresses his ever-deepening interest in our wall of icons (picture this little guy jumping at the wall, trying to climb the wall, jumping up and down signing Please and STRAINING for the icons which are all well out of reach - he's just so pitiful and pleading!). We take one of them down, we sit and look at it, I tell him about whomever is depicted in it, we say a prayer, and then it goes back on the wall. That last part does not generally go over well, of course, because he wants to sit and hold it FOR-E-VER and then carry it around with him. So far we've not had an outright tantrum, but it's likely we will at some point. Stopping the day for a while whenever he begs to hold an icon might just BE our prayer time - striking when the iron's hottest, and not when he'd rather listen to music or watch Veggie Tales.
I've been trying to do housework as if I'm doing it for God, and keeping that thought in mind does NOT make me feel better about it. On the contrary, now I look around my house and feel worse. A house kept "for God" should look better than mine. I do not know what I'm going to do about this.

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