Monday, December 22, 2008

Kittyboy's "First" Christmas

Baby's First Christmas is generally a way bigger deal to the parents than the baby, unless he was born December 26th and is very aware for a one-year-old. Personally, I count THIS as Kittyboy's actual first Christmas, because it's the first one of which he's really been aware. His FIRST, he was only aware that everything was cold and giants were doing things he didn't like. It wasn't terribly festive. His second, last year, he wasn't yet moving around really. He could roll and scoot, but nothing else, and he appeared to take most of the season (tree up, decorations, etc) as yet another odd thing his parents did.
This year, with him walking, reaching, grabbing, throwing, and all those wonderful new skills, we learned the Glass Ornament Lesson (they don't work, though they do make wonderful explosions when hurled on a hard floor), and the Porcelain Nativity Figures Lesson (they don't look fragile until they're in an enthusiastic little boy's hands, then they look SUPER-fragile). Our tree is decorated with dollar store plastic only, which can still be destroyed (the "Plastic Is Not Toddlerproof Either" Lesson) but at least doesn't need to be vacuumed.
THIS is our real first Christmas!
When Kittyboy first saw the lights, all lit up on the floor in a jumble, he was instantly fascinated. He put his face right up to them, close enough the lightbulbs were touching his eyelids, again and again. The angel was the most beautiful doll he'd ever seen, and he had to hold her and help put her on the tree, and then had to be held up to her so that he could touch her dress and wings and the lights in her hands, and give her kisses. He does insist she's a bird, because of the wings.
We've finally got a Nativity set, courtesy of Ebay, which we feel comfortable having down on the floor. It's some kind of clay or plaster, extremely light (so it won't fall just by being dropped), and it's just beautiful. And of course, we've had all the toddler-related excitement over the figures - hugging all three Magi to his chest and running off with his new friends, taking out ALL the figures to move them around on the carpet and then rearrange in the stable, treating Jesus' manger as a car and helping Him drive around the living-room (the base is smooth and so it slides nicely on the carpet), and this morning he took the angel that hangs on the roof and gave her a ride in his rollar skate.
I've been working on the signs for Jesus, Mary, and angel, in the hopes that he'll quit calling angels birds. So far, he's not making any of the signs, but he HAS figured out that the word "angel" applies to both of the winged people in the vicinity of the tree. He just still thinks they're in the larger class of "bird". Some birds are chickens, some birds are ducks, some birds are ravens (we have a lot of those around), and some birds are angels. That follows, right? And it's nice to give them rides in case their wings are tired.
This is the First Christmas I'M going to remember as special!

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