Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Wonderful World of E-readers

Husband surprised me yesterday with something I'd been thinking wistfully might be useful - an e-reader, specifically a Nook. I danced around squealing with excitement as he found church services online, put them in pdf format, and loaded them on, and he said, "I must have made your week - or month..." I said, "No, you made my LENT!!"
I have the complete Orthodox Study Bible. I have the Akathist service, in the translation I like, of which Father never has enough copies. Husband found the Hapgood text - the weekday festal services, such as Christmas Eve, New Year's, Theophany, and St. John the Baptist (just to randomly highlight the busiest two-week period of the year). I'm going to have him find text for the Holy Week services, so instead of a thick book in two hands, I can hold the Nook in one and corral a Kittyboy with the other. He has seriously made my Lent.
One advantage a book will ALWAYS have over an e-reader, however, is the ability to say, "It's around here somewhere," and flip through turning a chunk of pages at a time. As I get more comfortable with the mechanics of using it, though, there IS a function that lets you jump to any page of the book, so at some point, I'll be picturing the physical book and think, "Okay, jump fifty pages from here," and it'll be a very similar process with similar results. It will take practice, though.
I could even copy and paste a series of hymns and prayers into a text file, have Husband convert it to pdf, and put it on there. This is really pretty darn awesome!
Thank you, Dear!

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Anonymous said...

Oh you lucky person! I would LOVE one of those for Church services...being able to download Matins every week (we do it in Greek) would be awesome.