Monday, February 14, 2011

Lovely Valentine's Day!

The Kittyboy and I had a lovely day! Husband and I did Valentine's last night, and today, we babysat a precious little one-month-old boy for friends so they could have a luncheon date. Kittyboy now REALLY needs a sibling!
He gave Baby Mikey multiple drum recitals, occasionally using a maraca as a drumstick, taught Mikey how to play drums, shake a maraca, and pet Magic Cat (who was thrilled at having another baby around!), and played peekaboo until he was blue in the face. He fetched bottles from the fridge, put them back in the fridge, got things from the diaper bag, and showed great Big Brother instinct when Mikey was fussing because his bottle was still warming - ''Stop!... stop crying!... stop crying!... stop crying!'' He also learned that babies don't stop crying on his say-so.
We even had our first leeettle bit of jealousy - little bit. I was reading books to them, with Mikey on my lap, and Kittyboy asked after about the third book - ''I think you can read one to just me now?'' I think having a baby took more of his mommy than he anticipated!
But the benefits of having a baby friend around must have FAR outweighed having to share his mommy, because after Mikey went home, Kittyboy was sad! He held out his hands with a sorrowful look, and wailed, ''But I wanted to borrow him more!!'' I promised him we would do it again! He is tucked in bed with his own Baby (doll), and we will have to plan our next playdate!

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Tena said...

Aw, how sweet! I hope things are going well with your family!