Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Winds of Cellular Change

My dear Husband goes to work, five days a week, as a customer service rep at a telecommunications call center. He's very good at his job, loves it for reasons which entirely escape me, but when he leaves the call center, work follows him home like a friendly stray puppy. This is because I am his pickiest customer.
I am very nearly impossible to please. The first phone I LOVED was the Nokia 6010. It's perfect - basic, simple, a good size, a nice weight in your hand, held a call all the way into the hospital parking garage, made the TV flicker from across the room when it rang, and was $10 on Ebay. I adored it. Husband got me using a Motorola Razor for a time, because he was repairing and selling them, and so he had me make sure they worked - I was SO indignant when one dropped a call as I walked into a parking garage. How dare it! The Razor was nice, but it was no 6010.
I cannot remember how many phones I have had. Husband hasn't gotten annoyed with me, but rather sees me as a challenge. I think he actually enjoys memorizing my every finicky reason for not being perfectly satisfied with what I have, and trying to find which weird model that was sold for five minutes in Canada could possibly be my perfect phone. I have gotten something techie for Valentine's, birthday, anniversary, Christmas, Valentine's, birthday... I have had a phone with a full keyboard split by a screen in the middle (Nokia 3300). Only problem with that was that I'm accustomed to typing across the whole keyboard - and made me look like I was holding a Gameboy to the side of my head. I had one with a metal case that slid shut with a click like a Zippo lighter (Nokia 8801). That was cool except for the abysmal battery life. I had an HTC Wizard, which is about 3/4 of an inch thick, is Windows Mobile (not so much a Microsoft fan as I am a Mac-hater). That introduced me to the concept of a phone that could keep notes and appointments easily, but barely missed being flung under a city bus in a moment of unimaginable stress when I needed to access a number keypad while listening to my voicemail and couldn't. I THINK it was after that that I got a Pantec Matrix. Full keyboard for office functions, and a separate number pad, because I was NOT making the Wizard mistake again. Matrix and I got along fairly well.
Husband has been addicted to his iPhone for about a year now, and last fall he broke the screen. He got a second one, but then fixed the screen in the first, and persuaded me to play with it. Well, mine is hacked out the wazoo because scrolling through pages of apps is more trouble than the apps are worth, to me at least. Like I said, hard to please. So mine are all in little folders. Downside of hacking your iPhone is that you become your own tech support, because Apple has a major problem with that. It's great for when Kittyboy and I are on a bus at the height of ladybug season and having him stare at the screen for an hour is much, much better than him screaming for an hour, but the glitches are getting old (ironic considering I thought Apple products were supposed to "just work"). One lovely little "glitch" froze the phone function - as in, I couldn't dial. Turned the phone off and back on several times without fixing it. Husband popped the sim card out and back in and THAT fixed it, but that was enough for me. As I told my long-suffering IT person/spouse, your car's engine may only blow up once, but I'll wager you think twice about buying that model of car again.
But at this point, we've actually canceled our Internet provider because of our phones' tethering (plug it into the computer, it becomes a wireless modem), so my phone needs to be a smart phone or I have no Internet when Husband is gone. I told him the perfect phone would be a Nokia - have a real number pad, real keypad, none of this touch-screen mess where I routinely send half-composed emails because my knuckle brushed the send key - be a phone first, toy second - and have all my office stuff available. Music would be nice, optional but nice. I just want a perfect PHONE.
And tomorrow, because it's after 11 and time for bed, I will type more.

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makingthemostofbeingathome said...

AHH the perfect phone. it's so very hard to find. I am going back to my nokia N95 as I hate having a touch screen one.

Pres. Kathy said...

For me the perfect phone is the IPhone.

Caeseria said...

Haven't looked into the N series that far - the E71 is looking good to me. I'll google the N95.
The iPhone worked great for me with the folder system, but I wasn't sold on it until I got folders, and the touchscreen is getting REALLY old. :( One plus for blogging would be that if I start a post in BlogPress, I can't finish it on the real computer, because it only saves the draft in my phone - not my drafts folder on Blogspot - whereas if I were typing in a browser, it would be less streamlined but all my drafts would be there on Blogspot. I think that will more than balance out the convenience of a blogging app. For me at least. I am also convinced my fingertips are less "conductive" than average, because it can be REALLY hard to get where I want to go, and I know it shouldn't be - got to be that my skin doesn't get along with receptive-touch screens for some reason.