Friday, September 18, 2009

Toddler Conversation

"See Mayee! You see Mayee!" (boy refers to himself as "you")
"Yes, you see Mary." (he was in the hallway looking at an icon)
"Mayee (garblegarble) Tokos! Fay Tokos!"
"Yes, good job! Yes, Mary is the Theotokos!" (we had been working on that word)
"Fay Tokos mean Mama God."
"YES, Theotokos means Mother of God! Wow, you have been paying attention!"
"Mayee Fay Tokos Mama God!" (with that little "What a good boy I am!" giggle)
I think my little theologian deserves chocolate!


Gretchen Joanna said...

This is very heartwarming! I just ran across your blog, and I love the title, Staying Home and Loving It. It's what I am doing, too. Your little one is blessed.

Dr. Dave said...

Very nice, Caeseria. Mine are now 6 and 8 and developing the family habit for sarcasm...but they still love God, so all is not lost.

BTW...just to follow up on your comment over my ain't the color of the cat's fur, it's what's in his/her heart...

makingthemostofbeingathome said...

Ahh bless him what a lovely conversation.

Feel free to link to my blog.

Mimi said...

How sweet! He definitely deserves chocolate!

Caeseria said...

As my dad said, "Nestorius didn't get that far, and he was all grown up and everything!"

Matushka said...

Too Sweet!


Paul Scott Speed said...

Now that is Papou's grandson! Great stuff. Write the book.