Tuesday, June 16, 2009

New SLP tomorrow!

Tomorrow, we start with a new speech therapist, Bree, at long last. Insurance and billing problems have been postponing this for a few weeks, and I'm looking forward to getting going with that again. Hey, at least Kittyboy's patient - he'll say the same "word" for several minutes, repeatedly, until you finally guess the right meaning. Daddy, doggie, donkey, diaper, any other word starting with D or a similar sound - all sound alike. Cracker, cookie and garbage sound alike. He TALKS all the time! But you have to run through the list of everything that could start with the first syllable of what he's saying, and wait for him to react or say "uh huh!" It's like, "Oh yay, he has another word! Wait... but that sounds exactly like this other long list of words starting with B. Oh. Great - I think." I need to draw up a list tonight of ALL the words he says, and what they mean, along with his own brand of word order, grammar, etc. Poor Bree.
I think we're down to pronunciation at this point. He loves language and is just bound and determined to communicate! He just needs a whole heck of a lot of help enunciating.

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