Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Today is a better day!

Kittyboy's nap yesterday, though half as long as "normal" seemed to press a reset button, and he was far more pleasant afterwards. Whew. It was so sad, though, when he woke up and started crying and I went in to get him, because he had passed out on the mattress on top of his pegboard, his pillows on the floor, with his barn next to him, no weighted blanket or anything. Didn't look comfy. I would love a video monitor so I could see exactly what it looks like when he spins and spins and spins his wheels and then DROPS.
And I have something to bring up at my next WIC appointment. I did one of their "online education" things instead of going in this last time, and it said what has been obvious to me for some time now, "Never give your baby juice with added sugar or artificial colors." The cereal I bought way back when, that showed us this would be an issue with Kittyboy, was on WIC's list of cereals they cover. Why? If the color in Koolaid is bad for an infant, wouldn't color in cereal be a bad idea as well?
So far, I have taken recycling down to the curb, gone to Carey's and had a Puppygirl playdate, came home with five tomato plants and gobs of daylillies, transplanted tomatoes into larger pots, took peppers outside to harden off, and put tomatoes under the grow light. Time for lunch!

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