Friday, October 3, 2008

Kitty play

(Prefaced by - yes, we're aware of the dangers his compulsions pose, and he's closely supervised!!)

For reasons not particularly understood by anyone, Kittyboy loves to have things draped about his shoulders. Scarves, belts, any unguarded stringy thing, is worn in the manner of a tailor's tape measure. It's not all the way around his neck, just hanging at the sides. There's a yellow ribbon he especially loves, and of course his Magic-kitty loves it too. Today, he learned how to play with his kitty with stringy things!
This evening I heard all kinds of shrieks and squeals from the hallway. They were happy noises, and I was in the middle of fixing dinner, so I was just happy that he was playing happily. After a LOT of shrieking, I really did have to check and see what was so incredibly fun. Kittyboy was waving the ribbon over Magic, Magic was rolling around waving his paws at it, and when he'd caught it, Kittyboy would SHRIEK and giggle and pull it away. They were going all up and down the hall like this, it was a riot. And there's a reason Magic is the Kittyboy's kitty, because the toddler would jump in close to snatch the ribbon back from Magic's MOUTH and CLAWS, and Magic would let it go as soon as he got close. It's been established since Kittyboy came home that Magic will go to any length, however ludicrous, to avoid hurting HIS baby.
Most likely, the game had begun because Magic pounced the end of the ribbon, and Kittyboy amiably went to drape it around his kitty's neck. After all, that's how HE plays with stuff, he puts it around his neck, so kitty must like it too. And then Magic GOT the ribbon, and that was just SO SILLY, because that's not how you play with ribbon, you put it around your neck, silly cat! So Kittyboy pulled it away squealing in laughter, to try draping it over Magic's neck again, and so on and so forth, and then he learned that his kitty would run after the ribbon down the hall, and that was hysterically funny and accounted for a good part of the shrieking, as he was bouncing backwards waving the ribbon to get Magic to follow it.
Then Magic took a break at the food bowl, and Kittyboy finally got the ribbon arranged around his kitty the way he wanted it - until Magic saw it and went back to chasing it.
1 toddler + 1 kitty + one very bedraggled ribbon = WAY more fun than a barrel of monkeys!

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donald423 said...

That cat is appropriately named. And, well, so is Kittyboy. Quite a story.